Top 3 Cheap Wedding Venues in Austin




Congratulations! You’re getting married and Austin is the perfect choice for your venue. Why you might ask?

1. The weather is excellent. Summers are a “tad” hot, but the rest of the year is mild and reliable.
2. The food options are outstanding. Whether it’s restaurants or food trucks, Austin has every cuisine you can think of.
3. There’s a vibrant nightlife.
4. Every type of music and plenty of it.
5. And we have the Top 3 premier and cheap wedding venues in Austin!

Premier and cheap, in Austin, aren’t the words commonly used together when it comes to the perfect wedding venue. But let’s be honest, a cheap wedding venue allows you to save your money or splurge on other things like craft cocktails, a dessert truck, bigger band, brunch or a post-wedding new house!

So how is it possible? It’s what Venues & Vows specializes in finding every single day. There is no rule book that says your wedding must take place in a traditional venue such as a hotel ballroom, or worse, a conference room. Nor does it have to be a “wedding hall”. There are beautiful locations that put those options to shame. We scoured Austin, personally visiting each potential property to make certain the grounds are perfect for your wedding day. Let’s look at 3 superstars:

Congress Hideaway – Tucked away on one of Austin’s most famous streets, South Congress, the Congress Hideaway is an exceptionally cool venue that offers overnight accommodations for 23 guests. Hidden in the lush greenery is a main house that sleeps 8 people and private Airstreams that house another 15 guests. Fully loaded Airstreams with bathrooms, air-conditioning and flat screen TVs. See more here.


Sprawling Suburban Austin – Event space for 125-150 guests, a pool, outdoor decks, a smoker, fire pit and bars all at 90% LESS THAN a comparable traditional wedding venue? The answer is YES to all these and more at this Austin location. In other words, affordable and inexpensive wedding venue in Austin do exist and they can be booked here.


East Austin Estate – It is as if this place was built for weddings! This property is a ten-minute drive from downtown Austin and features everything you need for a breathtaking weekend. And for your photos, wait until you see your ceremony with the backdrop of this multi-acre estate. We had the Venues & Vows launch party here and it was jaw dropping. Check out more of the property here.


If you’re searching for the best options for a cheap wedding venue in Austin, you can’t go wrong with these three options. Look at the rest of our Austin inventory here and remember to sign up for updates to get the newest listings sent directly to your inbox.



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