Exploring Marriage, Traditions and Wedding Venues with the Avowed Podcast


Last week I was thrilled and honored to talk more about Venues & Vows and our wedding venues with the Avowed Podcast!

Hey, that’s me! Katie Stoltz, the face behind Venues & Vows.

What is the Avowed Podcast?

affordable-wedding-venuesWedding cake baker turned Podcast-er Extraordinaire, Jasmine Lilly, started a new conversation about weddings that discusses traditions, societal expectations, and the evolving nature of love, relationships and weddings.

Jasmine and I clicked almost immediately because we both believe the wedding industry has gott
en a little wonky over the last few years. Just like Venues & Vows, Jasmine also believes in breaking rules seen as “tradition” when it comes to celebrating marriage in today’s multi-billion industry that fuels brides’ dreams. Talking with real people, entrepreneurs, couples and visionaries, this podcast is a great way to change your perspective when it comes to planning – or even thinking about – your wedding.

Here, There and Everywhere


On our episode we talked about the beginning of Venues & Vows, how it all started and the reasons why we are so passionate about this business. I created Venues & Vows to strike that balance between getting more of what *you* want  while still keeping it real with your bank account.

I delve into personal experience when I had five friends get engaged at the exact same time.

Frankly, it was mayhem…Pinterest boards, Excel/Google sheets, comparing/contrasting venues. Then I find out that the average cost of a wedding venue is over $14,000!  $14k for a room for 8 hours that restricts your catering options, forces you to use their bartenders and charges $7.95 for a Bud Light. Sounds awesome. Blech.


So, Jasmine and I explore better
options and we also chat about the pressure I (and she) have felt to get engaged, pragmatic questions to talk about before getting married, and what Venues & Vows ultimately wants t
o achieve.
Hint: it will save you a boatload of money.

affordable-wedding-venuesIf you want to hear more you can listen to it right here:

Jasmine, you are awesome – thank you so much for having me!





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