My Backyard Wedding: Engagement Pictures

Our set was a park near our apartment during sunset.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Love is in the air and with that I thought it would be a good idea to talk about something my husband and I did before getting married: engagement pictures. They were a gift from my mother-in-law to us, and at first I thought that was a little bit cheesy to be honest. I could not have been more wrong! With a talented person behind the camera and the right scenario, you’ll get a gift of a lifetime!

Here is some personal advice for you to make the most out of this experience:

  • Have a quality camera

Perhaps hiring a professional photographer isn’t in the cards – after all, those wedding expenses can add up quickly! Instead, ask a friend with a quality camera to help you out. Alternatively, try one of the fun polaroid cameras. If you go the friend route, make sure you/they have a decent camera which is easy to handle. Maybe your friend already has one, but you can always rent cameras locally. Research!


  • Choose the right scenery/scenario

What is the right scenario? The one that best represents you two! It doesn’t matter if it’s a crazy huge sailing boat at sunset on a beautiful beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (yes, I saw that happening) or your grandmother’s front porch. If it’s a place where you two share memories together, or it fits your personalities, that should be enough.

Kaliegh and Ben chose an abandoned field in Tampa, FL.

If you are thinking of hosting an engagement party or planning a romantic weekend getaway for you two, there is no better time to have some pictures taken! Choosing to do it in a private setting, such as a house with a beautiful yard or view, is great if you don’t feel comfortable taking romantic pictures in front of strangers! We have great properties for these moments on our website.

Escape to the wine country of Fredericksburg, Texas
Need to get away from the city with your love? Head to the Hamptons, NY!


  • Focus on your partner and this moment
Be playful!

Don’t overthink the fact that there’s a camera pointed at you. In fact, forget about the camera! The best thing about engagement pictures is the experience itself. So laugh, be goofy, spontaneous, romantic. Don’t be afraid of hugging, kissing and being silly during the photoshoot, take this moment to appreciate how lucky you two are for having found each other!


Be romantic!


  • Bonus Idea

Maybe you are not engaged yet but this post is sparking a few ideas. Need a little help to come up with the perfect proposal? How about hiring a private chef to cook a delicious meal, and take a tour around the art galleries before popping the question? We have the perfect place waiting for you in Chicago, IL.

You can see more details of this property by clicking on the image.

Happy Valentine’s day.




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