My Backyard Wedding – Bachelorette Party

Make sure you have the last ride you deserve with these cool ideas!


Tradition says before the romantic day there should be one last ride for the bride – and groom, of course. Bachelorette parties are not mandatory but they sure are a great excuse to gather your best friends for some adventure that will generate fun memories for a lifetime.

Maybe you are not a big party person and you don’t see a reason to go thru the ritual but just because the idea of staying up all night in some loud bar doesn’t amuse you, doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea of having your girls with you to have some fun. Here are some ideas:

  1. Let’s start with where to stay. The days of splitting up into 5-10 different hotel rooms are over! Get together with all your friends in one, big bachelorette house.
    One of our bachelorette venues in Autin, TX. Take a look clicking on the picture!
    Our incredibly cool bachelorette venue in fun New Orleans, see more clicking on the pic!

    Now you can have a dinner catered, unwrap bridal gifts, get a bunch of snacks and cupcakes, and stock the refrigerator with wine and Gatorade!


The cool thing about renting a house is that you’ll have more time to enjoy your besties’ company while visiting a new place!

  1. Get pampered. Who says a “bachelorette party” can’t be all about relaxing? Your wedding day is just around the corner so it makes total sense to have a nice, relaxing day getting a pedicure, facials, full body massages, and mud baths to make you feel rejuvenated and ready for the upcoming event. The experience gets even better when you have your best friends with you to chat, laugh all day, sun bathe by the pool or have a nice brunch.

  1. Party hardy. If you are like me and love a fun party this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate! You have a few different options: bar crawling, club crawling, bar + club, just a bar, just a club, dinner & drinks + party… the choices are endless and it’s up to you to decide what you like best.

I was lucky enough to have not only one but two bachelorette parties! Before I left Brazil I got together with my girl squad there and we went to a couple bars before moving on to a fun party where we danced all night!

We started off the night bar crawling in the streets of Rio before hitting the party!

Then back in Arizona I gathered a few friends, my mom and mother-in-law for what was going to be just a casual dinner & drinks at a cool bar but turned into another party-night later, thanks to my sister-in-law.

Fun dinner & drinks with my mom, mother-in-law and some of my bridesmaids in Scottsdale!


  1. Sweat it out. Ya know, after that crazy night of partying you may need to sweat it out a little bit. Try organizing a spin class to go to or walk to some of the city’s shopping destinations. Grab one of those rejuvenating juices because you probably have another night of partying on the docket or a plane ride home. Either way, HYDRATE!

5. One extra thing: Accessories! Doesn’t matter if you are going to a yoga retreat or a male strip club, make sure you have fun accessories so everyone knows this is not just a simple day/night! Maybe your maid-of-honor is already on it and you don’t even know, or maybe you might want to bring up the subject to make sure it’s going to happen.

The girls in Brazil made us personalized shirts saying “Bride Squad” and beer mugs with the hashtag #luvaicasar (portuguese for ‘Lu is getting married’)!

You can all make fun matching shirts, beer mugs, flip flops, hats… there are a lot of cool ideas if you go online and search for it on Instagram or Pinterest. If anything, have at least a crown and a sash. Why? Because you are a queen and it’s your moment and you deserve to have lots of fun experiencing it!




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